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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best environmental and land use planning consultancy firm in Bermuda, working with our clients to manage their environmental concerns, meet the regulatory requirements and attain their sustainability goals.

Environmental issues will continue to grow in importance within our community, as they are globally. Environmental degradation and resource limitation will become increasingly important factors in our home and business lives. Resource scarcity and increased environmental regulation are inevitable. Those communities and businesses that effectively adapt to this changing reality will be better positioned to thrive in the future. We believe that applying our extensive environmental and land use planning experience to secure and provide the best available information to assist our clients in achieving sustainable solutions, is the most effective means for us to contribute to our community.

We seek to anticipate our clients' evolving needs by continually enhancing our broad suite of complementary technical and strategic skills through training and best practice experience. We uphold the highest ethical standards, support professional activities that provide a public service, and endeavour to mentor dedicated young Bermudians. We are committed to finding creative, low-cost efficient ways to operate. We look for opportunities to reduce the environmental effects of our own operations, and support activities that promote the protection of community health and a sustainable global environment.

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