Bermuda Environmental Consulting, Ltd.                    
                 Sound Science. Innovative Solutions


Bermuda Environmental Consulting, Ltd., is a professional environmental and land use planning consultancy that operates at the highest level of scientific integrity and commitment. Our clients include the public and private sector, as well as third sector NGOs. Bermuda-based, we are uniquely positioned to offer our expertise in a range of environmental compliance, land use planning, impact assessment, remediation, analytical research and monitoring, natural resource management and sustainability services. 

COVID-19: Bermuda Environmental Consulting Ltd operates to the best of its ability under the most up to date Covid-19 health and safety guidance, and in conformance with the Bermuda Government Regulations. This is in order to ensure the safety of its clients, the public and its staff. These operational approaches are reflected in the company's Health and Safety Policy. 

  Our  Philosophy:

  • We believe in the application of the best available scientific information to promote informed, evidence-based, decision-making to best serve our clients.
  • We understand that as natural resources are depleted there is a heightened need to seek the most efficient solutions.
  • We encourage the sharing of environmental information to support sustainable communities. 
  • We appreciate the need for early application of environmental information in planning and design development to achieve successful solutions that are compliant, cost effective and effectively leverage available environmental assets.
  • We commit to accurately reporting the results of our work without bias. Our clients recognize, as we do, that solutions must be supported by objective analysis.
  • We ensure timely response to client concerns, and complete assignments on schedule through effective application of all necessary resources.
  • We develop innovative technical tools and approaches to meet client needs, as part of our commitment to providing the best long-term, cost-effective solutions.

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