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Strategic planning (CSR, Environmental Policy and EMS development)

The global community is widely agreed that responsible business practice directly translates into sustainable business success. Stakeholders and clients are increasingly concerned about the economic, environmental and social impacts of business, as reflected in the growing social responsibility investing (SRI) market, which incorporates non-financial factors into the assessment of company performance.  It follows that business can maximise its long-term returns by taking account of these impacts, minimising the negative and promoting the positive. Evolving from its strictly philanthropic and community roots, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now seen as the vehicle for encouraging business to look at a far wider range of stakeholder interests. CSR is as much as anything a way of thinking about doing business that needs to be mainstreamed across business operations and into company strategy. Only in this way can it realise its full potential with regards to contributing to business success and achieving sustainable development goals. This mainstreaming includes business development, marketing, human resources and financial operations, and influences good governance, business ethics, human capital management, supply chain management, environmental, health and safety and engagement of wider civil society. We can work with your company to develop clear objectives and well defined strategies to ensure that CSR action is not only effective but fully supports the success of your business.

Green Remediation

We can provide solutions for reducing carbon and water footprints, waste and water reduction, including an assessment of cost and risk.

Natural Resource Management

Our multi-disciplinary team brings a broad and in-depth knowledge of Bermuda's biodiversity as well as of land-use planning, water resource management and fisheries management and we can provide assessments as necessary.

Habitat restoration and native and endemic plant propagation
Our team of associates includes Bermuda's leading endemic and native plant propagator and we offer advise and stock for planting your landscape in a way that meets local policy, enhances Bermuda's biodiversity and offers the lowest ongoing maintenance.

Education and Training
Our team has extensive experience in the area of education and training. We provide:
    • Field trips - guided tours of ecological interest
    • Lectures, seminars and workshops including staff development
    • Internship supervision
    • Specialty Scuba Instruction (PADI)
We also have expertise in:
    • Exhibit design
    • Interpretive writing
    • Multimedia outreach
    • Underwater photography

Proposal writing

We have extensive experience and can assist in all facets of fundraising including proposal writing and reviews for government and private sector funds for initiatives including; science, capacity building, strategic planning, education, capital development.

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