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Research and Monitoring

We offer all aspects of the development and implementation of assessment, monitoring and remediation programmes to suit your needs and meet local and international regulatory standards.

Baseline Environmental Assessments
    • Literature Surveys. Our team's knowledge of science and policy making and the application of associated literature, strengthened with links to international networks of scientists and policy makers allows us to provide an efficient and exhaustive review of the available background information.  
    • Biodiversity Field Surveys.
       We undertake Phase I and Phase II site assessments, terrestrial and marine ecological surveys and mapping of habitats including woodlands, marshes, beach and dune, mangroves, caves, intertidal, brackish and marine ponds, seagrasses and coral reefs. We conduct species-specific surveys including permitted population studies of protected species. 
    • Soil, Sediment, Air, Groundwater, Potable water, Effluent water and Closed loop system sampling. 
      We undertake soil, sediment and groundwater sampling, as well as sampling of closed loop systems and mould assessments, following best practice methods developed in partnership with our network of overseas experts and a certified analytical laboratory. We have our own fully mobile water quality testing laboratory.
    • Natural Resource Mapping (GIS)We have GIS expertise enabling us to undertake natural resource mapping for both marine and terrestrial resources, and to present information in a visual way that often allows much wider understanding of the data and the interactions between variables.

Environmental Monitoring Studies

    • Ecological Monitoring. We design and implement ecological monitoring programmes of critical habitats, including corals reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, beach and dunes, woodlands, marshes, caves and ponds. We conduct research on marine and terrestrial species (including protected and invasive species). We support investigations aimed at identifying sustainable solutions to issues confronting our communities. 
    • Environmental Monitoring. We undertake soil, sediment, air and groundwater monitoring following best practice methods developed in partnership with our network of overseas experts and a certified analytical laboratory. We have our own fully mobile water quality testing laboratory. We undertake contaminated site evaluation and remediation including UST investigation.
    • Logistic support. We offer supporting services that include underwater photography and videography, a boat and licensed captains (with "C" class licensed pilots) and SCUBA support (with a PADI instructor and nitrox certified divers on our team).
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