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Planning and Permitting

Achieving regulatory compliance can often present a daunting hurdle, however, our team can provide you with full-service permitting support through our physical, ecological, socio-economic and compliance-related knowledge. We have an extensive working knowledge of the local and international environmental and planning regulatory guidelines that may impact your project, and through our network of associates and affiliates we can provide multi-discplinary teams to undertake the necessary assessments required to address all planning and environmental permitting compliance issues. Experience has taught us that early engagement of community stakeholders and regulators in the permit approval process is essential in reducing risk and ensuring that projects proceed expeditiously and without the need for costly re-works. Our expertise includes; 
    • Regulatory strategy development and compliance
    • Planning and regulatory approvals including preparation of planning and subdivision applications
    • Preparation of Planning decision appeals
    • Land use studies and site plan analysis
    • Strategic development planning
    • Environmental impact assessment (Environmental Scoping and EIS) and management planning
    • Terrestrial and marine ecology studies
    • Natural resource management
    • Public outreach and stakeholder engagement
    • LEED certification consulting

Preparation of Planning Applications and Appeals, Land Use Studies and Site Plan Analysis
We can work with you on your development to ensure that your application for planning or subdivision satisfies all the planning requirements. We also prepare submissions for Planning decision appeals. For larger developments we can undertake land use studies and assist with site planning.

EIAs and Environmental Management Planning

We can work with you to prepare an Environmental Scoping Report and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  for your development as well as other environmental management plans in order to assist your development design and satisfy the regulatory requirements, thereby improving your company's overall environmental performance and realising cost savings through best management practices. These plans include:
  • EIAs are required for all major developments and we can lead you through the preliminary environmental scoping and the full EIA study to ensure that your development meets full regulatory compliance.
  • Conservation Management Plans, and/or woodland management plans, are a legal requirement in Bermuda for any landowner wishing to make alterations to land zoned Nature Reserve and Open Space Reserve under the Bermuda Plan 2008. 
  • Construction Management Plans, which are now required for all major developments in Bermuda to manage construction activities and minimise environmental degradation. 
  • Environment Management Plans/Systems, which have allowed many businesses to realise significant cost-saving as a result of their implementation, as well as securing the endorsement of their customers and investors alike. Our team can provide your company with the necessary framework and facilitation to develop an EMS that best suits your company goals using tools such as environmental audits, life cycle assessment and environmental risk management. 

Terrestrial and Marine Ecology and Natural Resource Management

We are specialists in the field of marine and terrestrial ecology and can provide knowledge and experience in sampling programme design and implementation, effects assessment, mitigation and consultation. We have extensive knowledge of the sensitivity levels of many habitats, communities and species and the relationship between abiotic and biotic factors, and can offer specialised assessment of the impacts of many types of development, as well as making recommendations on methods to minimise and mitigate negative impacts. We can offer solutions for pollution control and environmental disaster management.

Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement
We bring extensive experience in facilitating public consultations and stakeholder consensus building. We can also facilitate corporate engagement in environmental issues.

LEED Certification Consultation

With a LEED AP on our team, we can work with your design or management team to guide you through each step of the LEED certification process.
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