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Company Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy     Corporate_Social_Responsibility_Policy_Statement.pdf
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We are committed to playing a positive role in our community. We believe that our activities should be sustainable, allowing us to meet our current needs without compromising those of future generations. We strive to conduct ourselves in a way that represents a balance between social and environmental requirements and economic prosperity for our community. We do this through three main pillars:

Corporate Governance: We commit to being transparent in all of our operations and activities;
Corporate Sustainability: We commit to implementing strategies to improve our performance whilst enhancing the role we play in the economic and social development of our society, and to solutions for reducing the negative impacts of our activities;
Corporate Citizenship: We commit to directly supporting our community through volunteer activities, donations and by mentoring young Bermudians. 

Specific examples of our voluntary commitment to the community include:
  • Serving on the Government's non-statutory Climate Change Working Group (2015-2016)
  • Serving on Greenrock's Eco-Schools Accreditation team (2015).
  • Serving on the Government's non-statutory Energy Working Group (2013 - 2017).
  • Serving on the Centre on Philanthropy's Corporate Social Responsibility Awards committee (2014)
  • Serving on a sub-committee to help develop a policy for marinas and boat yards (2014- ongoing).
  • Chairing a sub-committee to help develop an artificial reefs policy (2014).
  • Sitting on Greenrock's Green Workplace Awards Committee (2012, 2013).
  • Assisting the Whale Research Foundation in grant writing (2012).
  • Consulting and advising the Environmental Coalition of Organisations (ECO) for the coordination of environmental work to support sustainability (ongoing).
  • Giving lectures, e.g. Bermuda Education Network's Big Ideas Science Forum (ongoing)
  • Undertaking a skink study of Horn Rock and providing field training to government personnel (2010).
  • Providing field assistance to researchers studying Bermuda's seagrasses (2012). 
  • Chairing the development of environmental educational and public outreach programmes and fundraising for them at BUEI (2010-2014).
  • Serving on the Bermuda National Trust's Environmental Committee (2010-2013)
  • Mentoring young Bermudians through summer internships and providing data, information and advice to others studying overseas (ongoing). 
We also provide pro bono or discounted rates for formal services to NGO's.

Environmental Policy   Environmental_Policy_Statement.pdf
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We believe that in order to deliver the highest standards of service to our clients, we must demonstrate leadership in applying sound environmental principles to our own business. We are committed to looking for opportunities to reduce the environmental effects of our own operations, and support activities that promote environmental health and a sustainable global environment.

Health and Safety Policy
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We are committed to safe guarding people including our team, clients and members of the public who might be impacted by our activities as well as their property, through a health and safety programme incorporated into all aspects of our work. We are trained in the Loss Prevention System (LPS) behavioural management system and apply protocols and safety standards for all our technical fieldwork. We strive to meet or exceed our obligations under the legislative framework.
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